202344th Annual Cabbagetown Festival
2023Durham Filipino Fest at Memorial Park in Oshawa, Ontario
2023Mabuhay Philippines Toronto
2023Fiesta Extravaganza - Niagara Event
2023Fun Philippines 2023
2023Taste of Asia 2023
2023Pinoy Fiesta & Trade Show sa Toronto 2023
2023Salu-Salo @ Earl Bales Park
2022Mabuhay Philippines
2022Pinoy Fiesta (David Pecault Square, Scarborough)
2022Fun Philippines Festival
2021Mabuhay Philippines
2020Mabuhay Philippines
2019Mabuhay Philippines
2018Mabuhay Philippines
2017Mabuhay Philippines
2016Mabuhay Philippines
2015Mabuhay Philippines
2014Mabuhay Philippines
2014Filipinos Making Waves Festival
2013Mabuhay Philippines
2013Filipinos Making Waves Festival
2012Mabuhay Philippines
2012Filipinos Making Waves Festival
2011Mabuhay Philippines
2011Filipinos Making Waves Festival
2010Mabuhay Philippines
2010Filipinos Making Waves Festival
2009Mabuhay Philippines
2009Filipinos Making Waves Festival
2008Mabuhay Philippines
2008Filipinos Making Waves Festival
2007Mabuhay Philippines
2007Filipinos Making Waves Festival
2006Mabuhay Philippines
2005Mabuhay Philippines
2004Mabuhay Philippines
2003Mabuhay Philippines
2003Lunar New Year Festival (January 31 to February 2, 2003) –“From Philippines with Love”- by PMI Productions at the Automotive Building, Exhibition Place ,Toronto, Ontario
2002Mabuhay! Philippine & Asia Pacific Arts Festival at the Harbourfront Centre -"Harana" and "Kundiman" shows at the Brigantine Room
2002Ati-Atihan Festival -Aklanon Association Dinner-Dance at Humber Wood Community Centre
2001Mabuhay! Philippine & Asia Pacific Arts Festival at the Harbourfront Centre- "Pier Party -ORA & Three-sixty with OPM" (at the Norigen Stage), "Harana" (at BrigantineRoom) and "Kantahan sa Lakeside" (at the LakesideTerrace)
2000Folklorama Festival- Philippine Pavilion, Nayong Pilipino, Winnipeg, Ontario.
2000Toronto Caravan -Philippine Pavilion
2000Asia-Pacific Rim Celebration - Toronto Congress Centre
1999Toronto Caravan -Philippine Pavilion
1999Carassauga -Philippine Pavilion (with Himig Pilipino)
1999Asia-Pacific Rim Celebration - Toronto Congress Centre
1998Toronto Caravan -Philippine Pavilion
1998Carassauga -Philippine Pavilion (with Himig Pilipino)
1998Multicultural Festival- Guelph, Ontario (with Himig Pilipino)
1997Toronto Caravan -Philippine Pavilion
1997Carassauga -Philippine Pavilion (with Himig Pilipino)
1996Carassauga -Philippine Pavilion (with Himig Pilipino)
1996Folklorama Festival- Philippine Pavilion, Nayong Pilipino, Winnipeg & Ontario.
1994Metro Manila Film Festival at the Philippine International Convention Centre (PICC), Manila, Philippines (with UPCC)
1993Bamboo Organ Festival, Las Pinas, Philippines (with UPCC)